Solo Rakugo
Koito Takigawa
09.26 & 09.27
​瀧川鯉斗独演会 at HAKO

瀧川鯉斗 落語独演会 

at HAKO 



09.26 & 27


09.26 : 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00

09.27 : 15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00



チケット:1席2500円 (税抜)



HAKOにて落語家、滝川鯉斗 落語独演会を9月26日と27日に行います。


チケットは9月18日 12時(正午)よりオンラインにて発売開始いたします。


また、会場では、SUPERTHANKS NOIRによる滝川鯉斗オフィシャルTeeの



HAKO will hold a solo performance by Rakugo-ka, Koito Takigawa on September 26th and 27th.

There will be two performances each day, and the capacity will be 20 people per performance.

Tickets will be on sale online from September 18th 12:00pm (noon).

In addition, we will also hold an exhibition / order reception of Takigawa Koito official Tee by SUPERTHANKS NOIR.

Koito Takigawa

Rakugo-ka. Member of the Rakugo Arts Association. Born in Nagoya in 1984. He has been into motorcycles since high school and became the head of a local motorcycle gang at the age of 17. Moved to Tokyo in 2002. He became a disciple after seeing a solo performance by Rakugo-ka, Risho Takigawa. He was promoted to Zenza in 2005 and the Hutatsume in 2009, and in May 2019, he became Shinuchi.

instagram: @koitotakigawa




SUPERTHANKSは「ありがとう」を形にしたブランド。 「頑張っている」自分へのご褒美に、また大切な人への贈り物に「SUPERTHANKS=最高のありがとう」を提案。2011年秋冬コレクションより「スーパーサンクス」スタート。東京を拠点にデザインチームで活動している。10周年となる2021年、ブランドアイコンであるボウタイワッペンをリデザインしたニューライン、SUPERTHANKS NOIRが立ち上がる。

instagram: @superthanks_box_official








Note for purchasing tickets:

* Tickets will be attached by a confirmation email from HAKO after purchase.

Please present the ticket screenshot or printout when you attend.

* The seating order will be specified here according to the order of purchase.

* Up to 2 seats can be purchased per person.

* When you come to the venue, please cooperate in temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection of your hands to prevent the spread of corona virus (Covid-19). In case you have a high fever, you may be refused admission.

In addition, visitors are required to wear a mask inside HAKO.

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